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30mg Ephedrine Hcl
200mg Caffeine
80mg Aspirin
60x Capsules

DOUBLE the strength of their ECA PURE stack this supplement is powerful! And intended for users familiar with powerful stimulants. This product is ideal for Athletes, Bodybuilders & anyone needing to shed weight and gain energy in it's MAX form.

ECA MAX contains more Ephedrine per packet than ECA PURE so it's actually a cheaper option. Just make sure you're ready for the power of this supplement and do not have any medical conditions that might be affected by use of this supplement!

The original powerful ingredients, dosed correctly in their MAX form.
30mg Ephedrine Hcl
80mg Aspirin
200mg Caffeine

Serving 1 Capsule

This supplement stack is known for it's intense fat burning effects, dramatically speeding up fat loss while preserving muscle mass. An absolute necessity for those trying to cut down and maintain as much muscle as possible.

This stack is also well known for it's dramatic and powerful energy boost. Allowing you to complete tough workouts with ease and go longer and harder on every set. Motivation, energy and power.


SOLD OUT - More coming soon..


Ephedrine is one of the few fat burners that actually works! Sure, there are many so-called weight loss and diet pills on the market that do not work, but ephedrine-based products have indeed been proven to work by clinical university studies.

An interesting thing about these supplements is that they seem to really only target the fat for calorie burning along with a number of excellent weight loss benefits. For example, muscle cells seem to be protected, which means that dieters lose only the fat and that weight lifters and bodybuilders can still build or at least maintain muscle while on a serious cutting phase. Ephedrine is also thought to work as an appetite suppressant, blocking signals sent between the hypothalamus area of the brain and the stomach that normally indicate hunger. Therefore, it is also much easier to stick with your diet and exercise plans without the typical food cravings.

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