About Us

Buy Ephedrine UK started up in 2012 and sold thousands of products all around the UK. We collected a large happy customer base and were proud! The site has gone through it's trials but it is still standing.
This time with a much improved product! 
We were tired, as were many, of the low quality pills that seem to be floating around. So we decided the only option if we wanted to delivery a product we were proud of was to make our own!
Sourcing pure Ephedrine Hcl we now gladly bring you IronFist Labs E.C.A Stack

Please head to our store here to place your order and once you've sent the order request we will send you payment details!


All postage is now FREE!

We send packages using different methods depending on the value of the order.
Under £50 we send 1st class.
£100 and over we send Special Delivery.
And remember it is FREE!

We post within the UK ONLY. No exceptions. Orders placed outside of the UK will be refunded.

Why Us?

We are sure you have had enough of under-dosed crumbly pills imported from china. We are UK based and proud!

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